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Blog: How many muslins?

My house is over run with muslins. I thought the enormous pile we had was ridiculous but it turns out that 30 isn’t enough for two babies. My washing machine is screaming, “Not again! I’ve only just finished the last load! Please, give me a break!”
I can find them everywhere and after a night time of feeds, I can’t get out of my bedroom without navigating my way around the million scattered across the floor.

The weird thing is, I’m enjoying my ritual of the daily wash (the laundry I mean – me, have a daily wash? Ha, that’s a good one, did you hear I have three children under the age of 2 & a half? Thank goodness for wet wipes, deodorant and dry shampoo). Pulling out clean smelling washing, after seeing/smelling what goes in – I have a potty training two year old and have you smelt a milk covered muslin after an hour in this heat? Don’t… And then I find my daily ‘chore’ of hanging out the washing on the line strangely therapeutic. Barefoot on the grass, sun on my back and my newly developed obsession with using matching pegs for each item (the psychologist in me suggests this is the need for some control in my chaos filled life, but you can take your own guess).
And the best thing about my daily chore? All that is dirty laundry in the morning, is dry, fresh smelling laundry in the evening! The cleansing cycle is complete. And yes, I really am writing a whole post on laundry!

The thing of it is, this is my life. It won’t always be so important, but right now, this is just part of my daily mission to keep my household running. If the wash doesn’t go on, the whole thing falls apart and just where would we be then? ‘Don’t go round to the Bradley house, they mostly just walk around naked – Ceris just can’t get her act together with the laundry’. I challenge you to find a more important task.

Laundry is just one of the jobs on our mummy list. I don’t mean that dads don’t do it too, just that I’m sure they don’t place it as high on their priority list as I do. I’m sure to bore you with more of my mummy list, but thankfully for everyone, myself included, I do like to talk about things not related to being a mum. I don’t like to be defined by just one of my names. You can also take comfort in knowing that I won’t ever talk about the following:

1. Dirty nappies – when you become a parent, you will talk about the contents of your baby’s nappy with your partner and you can deny it all you want until then. But that information isn’t for sharing.
2. How many times I’ve been up in the night – nobody really cares and there is only one winner in that conversation.
3. Breast feeding – are we really still talking about this? Either use them, or don’t but can we please move on?
4. The new noise my baby (babies!) has just made – it means nothing to anyone except me and I’m not sure how significant it is to me either (I am a doting parent really).

So the next thrilling instalment? Sterilising everything in sight… No, maybe we’ll both give that a miss.


Things I’d tell my 16 year old self

I’ve seen a few articles recently talking about ‘what I would tell my 16 year old self’ and as I’m in a more thoughtful mood these days (yes I’m going to blame my hormones) I’ve given it some thought.

The first thing that happens is, I smile. I have great memories of ‘being 16’ – was happy at sixth form and was starting to find myself. I chuckle at the mischief my friends and I got up to (I was a saint really!) and then I think about the last 16 years and realise how much I’ve grown. A lot has happened in that time – two years of memories at sixth form, three crazy years at university, six months travelling around the world with two of my best friends, numerous jobs, one year working in Australia, two years working in London, a marriage, 7 house moves in 5 years and three children – there must be some lessons learnt!

I can happily say that my 16 year old self would be happy to see who I’ve become – I hope that doesn’t sound cocky, but I was a very insecure teenager and I’m now a (fairly) confident 30 something. I feel proud to have overcome my shyness and insecurities (for the most part). That said, I’m sure the 16 year old me would cringe at my big pants (a necessity after my recent c-section), the regular chats my husband and I have about our toddler’s poo and potty training, the chaos in my house after Max has raced around it, and for the many karaoke songs I have sung over the years…

People always say ‘never have regrets’ or ‘regret the things you haven’t done, not the things you have’. I’ve always repeated these sayings to myself, but I’m not afraid to say that I have done things I regret – only a handful of things, and most not really important, but I would change them if I could (two 18-30’s holidays spring to mind!)

It’s hard to remember what I used to worry about when I was 16 years old, but I know there were a lot of things. Based on my regrets and the worries I can remember, I came up with the following advice for myself!

1. Worrying about what others think of you is a complete waste of energy.
2. Enjoy the moment and don’t wish your life away – I have spent too much time looking forward to this and that and not enough time enjoying right now.
3. Embrace the good memories and the bad. You become a better person through experiencing both happy things and painful things. Those painful things will still hurt but you do grow because of them.
4. Cherish the people in your life – when they aren’t there, you will miss them and will regret the time you didn’t spend with them.
5. Don’t ever take your parents for granted – they will support you in more ways than you can imagine.
6. Never under-estimate the value of true friends. When choosing friends, it’s quality not quantity. Your true friends stand proudly beside you in your best moments and will stand firmly in your worst. You will support each other through relationships and finding love, break ups and heartache, deal with crisis, car crashes, moving home; will cry alongside you after bereavements and loses; and will celebrate successes, many birthdays and amazing holidays with you.

I don’t wish I could go back 16 years – I think I have been very blessed in my life so far – but I’m sure my teenage self would have been very relieved to know that everything would work out well!

And for all the advice I could give out and that others like to hand out, sometimes life just has it’s own game plan and we just have to roll with it…


Surviving on two hours sleep is hard…especially as I like a good 8 hour sleep. Think the twins had been plotting to keep us awake last night – ‘You take the 1-3am shift and I’ll take the 3-5am shift okay?’ as they high five behind my back.

So I made it my challenge for the day to watch as many episodes of the Good Wife as I could – always good to keep motivated. That’s the joy of maternity leave – I might be living in a blurry bubble but I can sit here all day and watch TV and no one will think badly of me. And if I set myself a daily challenge, I actually feel like I’ve achieved something – amazing!

My goals might have changed slightly, but I still feel like superwoman when I manage to:

1. Get dressed and put make up on
2. Get my two year old dressed, ready for the child minder
3. Eat breakfast and lunch
4. Feed two babies at the same time, every 2-3 hours
5. Put on the daily wash and get it dried and put away by bed time

It’s a small list but a very time consuming one. As the twins get older, I might consider adding some items but don’t hold me to that, I don’t want to stretch myself too far.

But for today, watching episode number 5 of The Good Wife is achievement enough…


So I think my husband is getting bored of hearing me talk about my feelings and then asking him to do chores.  He politely suggested I write a blog…

Unusually, I took his advice.  I’ve never read blogs, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to write about, but I always have enough to talk about so I’m sure it can’t be that hard. (She says confidently)

I’m a 32 year old mum of three boys – feels strange writing that, as I only had twin boys 5 weeks ago. I’m now on maternity leave, hence why my husband suggested I vent my feelings and frustrations through a blog and not to him. (He is very understanding really!)  Going from working full time, to spending all day every day at home with two newborns (I had a c-section so am bound to the house at the moment) is quite an adjustment.  Don’t get me wrong, having lots of baby cuddles and watching box sets is great, but I think I’m in danger of enjoying my own company too much.

So I’m going to try and write on this blog regularly, to help keep me sane and to share the things that happen to me every day, in the hope I’m not the only one going through them…