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I hate weaning! There is not one bit I enjoy… Trying to feed two screaming babies is actually impossible. For anyone who has been through the weaning process, I am at the stage where it is very difficult to leave the house, because of all the feeding! Bottle at 7ish, breakfast at 8am, bottle at 10am, lunch at 11:30am, bottle at 2pm, lunch at 4:30pm and bedtime bottle at 7pm. It’s quite exhausting, especially when these boys aren’t interested at all! Max took to food like a duck to water, as they say, but Ruben and Finn are quite happy to drink milk. I’m in a constant dilemma of do I feed them both at the same time, but have to get the spoon in their mouths as quickly as possible so they don’t cry in between, or do I feed them one after the other and spend my whole day feeding them! Tricky.

As a mum, you try and feed them as healthily as possible. Chris and I have made lots of lovely dinners for them, and puréed them to within an inch of their life. The boys do not like lumps… in fact, they seem to gag on anything they don’t like, even when it is as smooth as water!! If you’ve ever tried to feed a baby who is hungry for milk, you will end up with food everywhere – around their mouths, up their nose, in their hair. They like to put their hands in their mouths and then wipe the food on themselves, on their chairs, in their eyes. They like to cough and spit the food at you, it gets on your clothes (as if I have time to get changed) and it goes in your hair (yes and no time for a shower). I get excited making nice food for my family – when you enjoy a lovely meal, there is nothing better – but it’s so disappointing when all that attention and love you have put into a meal gets spat in your face…

But, I am a determined woman – I will not be defeated by my two little monsters!! Chicken casserole, I’m ready for you!



I was feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday morning, after another night of hardly any sleep. Another morning where Chris asks me, ‘What happened last night?’ and I respond, ‘I’ve no idea’.
Chris, ‘Well I know Ruben kept waking up’, and I reply, ‘Well you had Finn…’
Chris, ‘Oh did I?’

Says it all really.

I get stopped a lot by people when I’m out with the twins. ‘Oh is it twins?!’ people ask me. ‘No just two babies exactly the same age/size who look very similar – yes it’s twins!’ The next thing a lot of people say is, ‘Oh I always wanted twins’. If only you knew how much this sentence kills me! First I feel guilty because they are telling me I have something they really wanted – I was blessed with two babies. Then I feel a different kind of guilt because the thing I want to say is, ‘Well you wouldn’t if you knew how hard it is’. And then it makes me realise how lucky I am to have these two beautiful boys in my life.

The other thing a lot of people say is, ‘twice the work, twice the joy’. It is definitely twice the joy, but it is ten times the work. Yes there are two babies to dress and change, two bottles to make instead of one, two times the washing, two car seats to carry around, two babies to bath etc etc… But where as with one baby, when they are asleep during the day, you have a break. You can have a cup of tea, you can have some lunch (even if it is 3 o’clock in the afternoon), you can sit rocking in a corner. With twins, when one goes to sleep there is still another one to entertain! And if you have boys like mine, when the second one goes to sleep, the first one wakes up… no time off for mummy! And the nights are a killer – most new mums are sleep deprived, that’s just a given, but most dads just get to sleep on unaware (usually snoring just to help us). Not with twins – if they wake at the same time, you need two people to feed them and if they take turns waking up every other hour, then mum and dad take turns so you can get at least two hours sleep in a row!

A lot of friends have had babies recently and it’s lovely knowing I’m not alone in my new born land of feeding all the time and no sleep. But it is hard seeing what everyone else is up to because I can’t do most of it! I can’t take two babies to swimming lessons, or to bounce and rhyme classes when they can’t sit on their own yet. If I go out and about, I have to make sure I’m back home for feeding time because I can’t hold two babies at the same time to feed them – I need the 100 bits of equipments I have at home! And although I know my friends don’t mind, if you meet anyone for coffee there is an obligation for them to hold a baby – you don’t like having to ask others when they just want an hour off work! And difficult if they have their own already.

I sound like I’m moaning a bit, but that isn’t my intention – only to share what life is like for parents of twins. We are only 6 months in so I know things will soon change and then I will be running around after two crawlers!

I guess part of this post is me feeling slightly guilty about planning my return to work – I’m going back much earlier than I did with Max and I’m feeling guilty for that. The other half of me knows it’s the right thing to do, because I can’t give them the amount of attention that I would like to and I know my lovely childminders will give them loads of care and attention and will be able to teach them lots of things that I can’t.

If any of your friends have twins, look after them! My friends and family have been great and have been there from day one. They have cooked for me, looked after my kids whilst I’ve slept, cooked for Max and entertained him, have baby sat so I can get out of the house and the thing that has meant the most, they have constantly encouraged me. For someone to say, ‘You’re doing a great job’ means a lot and keeps me going on the hard days.

I know soon Chris and I will be able to look back and laugh at the craziness that is our world at the moment – and what a great day that will be.

35 things to do by 35!

So it’s 19 days until my 33rd birthday! A friend of mine has been writing a blog about doing 34 things before she’s 35 and she has inspired me to write my own list! And what better time to do it than the 1st January, a fresh new year.  She only had a couple of months to achieve her list and I thought I had ages to do mine, then realised it’s actually only 2 years until I turn 35, which is slightly scary!

I’m a list person – I love a nice list.  Everything in order, you can see it all at once instead of a jumble in your head and you have something to aim for!  I’m writing my list slightly differently to my friend – it’s not just a list of fun things to do, but also the more serious things that I want/wanted to achieve in my life.  I’ve started mine with the things I have already achieved – it will tell you a lot about me!  And then there are the things that I haven’t got round to yet.  Some people don’t like having a list of things to do in life – they just want to see what happens or aren’t really bothered by doing certain things.  For me, I believe life is made by the things we experience and the memories we make – when I’m old I want to be happy that I did everything I possibly could in life and be surrounded in my amazing memories.

So here goes:

1. Buy my own house (aged 31)
2. Get married! (aged 28)
3. Start a family (aged 30)
(The big three! Now for the slightly less serious ones…)
4. Travel around Australia (aged 22)
5. Travel across Asia (aged 23)
6. Live in a campervan (Travelled from Melbourne to Perth)
7. Learn to surf (In Australia)
8. Visit the Taj Mahal (aged 23 with my besties Claire and Nic)
9. See the Grand Canyon (aged 22 with my besties Claire and Nic!)
10. Drive a Ferrari (for my 21st birthday)
11. Ride in a hot air balloon (across beautiful Gloucestershire with my mum)
12. Ride in a helicopter (across Cheltenham aged 29)
13. Stay on a boat (Weymouth, Fiji and Vietnam!)
14. Complete a degree (aged 21)
15. Visit Disneyland (aged 11!)
16. Eat something weird (crocodile in Australia)

Now for the things I’d like to do:

17. Drive an Aston Martin
18. Do a wolf run
19. Watch all of the James Bond films
20. Get back into Martial Arts
21. Catch a fish and eat it!
22. ‘Do’ a festival
23. Go on a girly trip to New York
24. Do a sushi making course
25. Do a Thai cookery course
26. Try Cristal Champagne
27. Try caviar
28. See Macchu Picchu

I’m going to need some suggestions for the last 7!