I hate weaning! There is not one bit I enjoy… Trying to feed two screaming babies is actually impossible. For anyone who has been through the weaning process, I am at the stage where it is very difficult to leave the house, because of all the feeding! Bottle at 7ish, breakfast at 8am, bottle at 10am, lunch at 11:30am, bottle at 2pm, lunch at 4:30pm and bedtime bottle at 7pm. It’s quite exhausting, especially when these boys aren’t interested at all! Max took to food like a duck to water, as they say, but Ruben and Finn are quite happy to drink milk. I’m in a constant dilemma of do I feed them both at the same time, but have to get the spoon in their mouths as quickly as possible so they don’t cry in between, or do I feed them one after the other and spend my whole day feeding them! Tricky.

As a mum, you try and feed them as healthily as possible. Chris and I have made lots of lovely dinners for them, and puréed them to within an inch of their life. The boys do not like lumps… in fact, they seem to gag on anything they don’t like, even when it is as smooth as water!! If you’ve ever tried to feed a baby who is hungry for milk, you will end up with food everywhere – around their mouths, up their nose, in their hair. They like to put their hands in their mouths and then wipe the food on themselves, on their chairs, in their eyes. They like to cough and spit the food at you, it gets on your clothes (as if I have time to get changed) and it goes in your hair (yes and no time for a shower). I get excited making nice food for my family – when you enjoy a lovely meal, there is nothing better – but it’s so disappointing when all that attention and love you have put into a meal gets spat in your face…

But, I am a determined woman – I will not be defeated by my two little monsters!! Chicken casserole, I’m ready for you!


2 thoughts on “Weaning

  1. hadhopeamy

    Such cute pictures! You might not like the idea and I’m not a mother but I’m wanting to try baby led Weaning when I have a child, that might work? Maybe just handing them over some vegetables cut into sticks and bits of toast that they can pick up and feed themselves would increase their interest? I hope whatever you choose that you find a solution that works without you having to stay in all day. good luck 🙂


    1. cerisb Post author

      Thanks – they are too small for this at the moment, they can’t pick up food and find their mouths yet! I’ve tried with toast but if they get a big bit they choke and then sick up everything! Joy… I’ll keep trying…

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