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I had a very stressful morning this morning. Max is going through a phase at the moment where he wants to wear his pyjamas all day, every day. On the weekends, I don’t really have a problem with it, but sending him out into the world, I don’t want people to think we are completely weird. Secondly, we are trying to potty train him, which is going really well but of course there are accidents, like the number two accident this morning…

The trouble with wearing pyjamas is we have 5 sets. This usually would be plenty (I only have 2!) but when he is insisting on wearing them all the time, spilling food on them and weeing in them, we soon don’t have anything for him to actually wear at bed time… oh more washing for me, as if I didn’t have enough already.

So the mornings usually run like this:

Me: ‘Max, the twins are dressed now – I’m going to get dressed and then I’m going to get you dressed okay?’ (plenty of warning, fully prepared).
Max: No answer, continues watching the ipad although I know he has heard me.

Ten minutes later
Me: ‘Right Max, time to get dressed now’, she says firmly and encouragingly.
Max: ‘I don’t want to get dressed’. (oh joy, here we go – which persuasive argument shall I use this time?)
Me: ‘But we have to get dressed because we’re going to Emma’s’, (his child-minder).
Max: ‘I don’t want to go to Emma’s’.
Me: ‘But you love going to Emma’s, all your friends are there.’ (Wait a minute, I’m being distracted, bring it back to topic).
‘Come on then, which t-shirt are you going to choose today? What about your spiderman one?!’, I say with as much excitement as I can muster at 8am.
Max: ‘No’, he says firmly – it seems to work when she does it, he thinks, so I’ll try it.
Me: ‘Yes, it’s time to get dressed’, as I subtly start dragging him to his room.
Max: (Okay that didn’t work, I’ll try a tantrum) ‘I DON’T WANT TO GET DRESSED’, he shouts and starts to cry.
Me: ‘We need to put clothes on to go outside’.
Max: ‘No we don’t’.
Me: ‘Yes we do’.
Max: ‘No we don’t’
Me: ‘Yes we do’. This could take a while…
Hold on a minute, Max thinks, she’s actually managed to get my pyjamas off – maybe if I kick my legs and punch my t-shirt, that might hold her off for a bit.
Me: This is like wrestling with an octopus, how is he so strong? He’s so small but he’s winning – help!
‘Max, do you know I’ve only had 6 hours of broken sleep and I only have 5 minutes until all 4 of us have to be out of the house? I don’t have time for this!!’ Maybe this explanation will help?
Max: ‘I WANT TO WEAR MY PYJAMAS’, he screams as his naked bottom runs away from me.

I crumple in defeat, obviously when he has left the room and can’t see me. Okay – prepare your argument in preparation for tomorrow.
Me: ‘Right, Max, you can wear your pyjamas to Emma’s today.’ He stops yelling and looks at me to check if I’m being serious. ‘However, tomorrow you will have to wear your clothes and not your pyjamas – deal?’
Max: ‘Yes Mummy’, he says as he pulls on his pyjamas triumphantly.

Yeah right, who am I kidding? We will have the same battle tomorrow. Who do these toddlers learn their techniques from?

If you see me in the street or at the supermarket and Max is in his pyjamas, don’t blame me – I had nothing to do with it…

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Totally acceptable mum behaviour

If you’d have told me before I had kids that I would leave the house with baby sick in my hair, I would have smugly laughed thinking, I will never do that, I have some standards. Well now I’m a mum, I realise that we are the smug ones – we have been through it, have made our peace with it and can laugh at those who are innocently heading towards the craziness of motherhood.

I thought I would draw up a list of completely acceptable mum behaviours, just so we know we are all on the same page:

1. Leaving the house with vomit, snot or baby food in our hair.
2. Wiping into our trousers the yoghurt, snot, milk etc that has landed there.
3. Wiping your child’s nose with whatever is closest, as you simply cannot walk to the bathroom one more time to get tissue.
4. Wearing the same pair of leggings for weeks on end.
5. Wearing maternity trousers when we definitely not pregnant – they are just too comfortable!
6. Wearing your big pants indefinitely.
7. Drinking wine at any time of the day – it is our right.
8. Eating whatever is closest at lunch time – a pack of pom bear with a petit filous, a crisp sandwich, a dairy lea dunker…
9. Finishing off your child’s dinner – it’s for small people so there are no calories.
10. Kicking your husband in the middle of the night to stop him snoring/to make him get up and deal with the children.
11. Blaming said husband for getting you into this situation in the first place.
12. Going on a night out that you have planned for months and then leaving early because you’re exhausted and really just want to put your pyjamas on.
13. Allowing your children to wear pyjamas all weekend because it’s just too much effort to get them dressed.
14. Pretending you need something from the shop so you can have five minutes alone in the car.
15. Not shaving unless you have to put a swimsuit on (ha, swimsuit – yeah right!)
16. Chewing gum as you forgot to brush your teeth.
17. Having a baby wipe wash as there is no time for a shower.
18. Dressing your babies in funny clothes just for your amusement (some might call it revenge but whatever).
19. Eating cereal for dinner.
20. Having a secret chocolate stash – some things are not for sharing.

I could go on but I don’t want the non-mums to think we’re having all the fun…

Back to work

Phew. I haven’t written on my blog for two months. In February I went back to work and life is now a complete whirlwind.  I think I’ve made it clear that I don’t have it in me to be a stay at home mum – even though I miss my boys when I’m not with them, I’m really enjoying being back at work.

I’ve started a new job with the charity Macmillan and the people that I’ve met over the last 5 weeks generally say they can’t believe I’m back at work, but honestly it’s been a breath of fresh air! I was starting to lose motivation being at home with the twins and getting frustrated that I couldn’t get out and about as much as I would have liked to.
Macmillan is an amazing charity doing amazing things and I feel really privileged to be a part of it. I’m enjoying having some freedom back, meeting lovely new people (adults who I can have a grown up conversation with!) & I’m relishing a new challenge – one that doesn’t involve juggling the very challenging demands of three children!

I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the last 9 months and have added some new skills to my cv;
– Fantastic multi tasker – making four  lots of breakfast, whilst washing up and encouraging my toddler to go to the toilet/get down from the kitchen worktop/put my whisk down.
– Extremely organised and efficient – packing three little boys bags ready for the child minder every night; laying out my clothes ready to be shoved on in the morning; syncing my diary with the husband’s, with my parents, with work, with the child minders; meals planned in advance for me and husband, for toddler, puree for the twins; baby sitters are booked well in advance & if we actually want to see friends and family that needs to be booked in advance too  (feeling tired yet?)
– Professional – bit of a funny word maybe but I am a professional mum now, no half measures, no time off – managing three children (and a husband!) is a full time job and takes 100% effort. But now I’m a professional fundraiser too – when I’ve been up three times in the night, my fundraisers and supporters don’t need to know about that, so I put on my professional face (make up) and crack on with my job.

I’ve missed writing my blog and I’ve missed seeing friends – Chris and I have just been trying to keep up with the whirlwind of life now I’m back at work. As usual, I couldn’t have managed without my mum and dad – cooking us food, washing clothes, looking after the kids when I’ve had to get to work early etc. I’m hoping we’ll start to get into our stride and we can start to breathe again. I won’t say life will get back to normal because with three kids life will never be the same again! But we will get more comfortable with this next chapter of our lives. Life doesn’t slow down and there is no pause button but what I’ve discovered now I’ve had to accept I am a grown up is that life is a juggling act but juggling is fun :0)